Monday, 28 April 2014

Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant at Z Square Mall

Lucky Rainbow at Z Square Mall

Recently, my family and I happened to drop by the newest mall in Banawe St., QC. I have seen the building progress of this mall since we often pass by in the area. You will easily recognize the building with its vertical strips of green wall in the facade, which is a major plus for me in its design. 

Aside from being the place where you get auto parts, Banawe is also famous for the Chinese restaurants that occupy that road. Finding Chinese restaurants in Z Square is something given and expected. The Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant's fit out, however, tells a different story. 

The thing that struck me most about the design of this restaurant is how they were able to utilize lighting to make the restaurant standout. The backlit printed acrylic panel in the facade, which frames the restaurant's signage, is an imposing front that will make you look. Now, we all know how important that "look" is for commercial areas. 

The restaurant also follows a curving space configuration. That architectural detail was intelligently utilized and given emphasis through the series of backlit panels that run and define the rest of the facade. The ambiance is sophisticated, but very welcoming. 

Four-seater square tables and booth seats are located nearest to the reception desk

A colonnade subtly delineate the booth seating area

Textured acrylic panel set against a stone-finish wall cladding; Notice lattice detail to hide AC

Soft-furnishing details

 Table-setting for the function area with the waiter on stand-by to refill your cup of tea

Now, for the food....

We were all on a diet mode so we ordered more veggies and fish. The order-taker, James, was very accommodating and informative. You can really rely on his suggestions. Here's a tip: always ask for the chef's special on that day. You won't find them in the menu. For that day, we tried the one with tofu and bokchoy. My family and I agreed, it was the best dish we had that night. I love the Xiao Long Bao because the soup inside was plenty. But my mom says she likes the one in Shi Lin for the meat part better. The steamed Lapu-Lapu was also really good. They have a fish tank so you're sure the fish was a fresh-catch. The crunchy garlic broccoli is a perfect partner for the creamy and tender fish. I really appreciated the yang chow served in heart-shape. Small gestures like that makes your guests feel more special :)

They also have fresh flowers, but only for tables for 12. We were only eight so we didn't have any. In their defense, the reason was our food won't fit anymore if they add flowers to the table. True enough because later on when our order was complete, they even had to transfer them to smaller plates. 

Xiao Long Bao 3.5/5

Garlic Broccoli 5/5

Tofu, mushrooms and bokchoy 5/5

Steamed Lapu-Lapu 5/5

Yang Chow 5/5

Will I go back to this place? Actually, I can't wait to try their other dishes. James said there's also a squid chicken dish that we should try. The ambiance with the delicious food is something to look forward to. Add that to the accommodating staff, it's a place where you'd really want to bring your family to. The fact that the waiters were so quick to serve you makes you focus on more important things--family bonding and chitchat. 

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