Friday, 9 May 2014

The Perfect Mothers' Day Gift

I just realized how "the perfect (insert holiday here) gift" is such an overused phrase. But I swear this is a really really really good Mothers' Day gift!

You know how sometimes, you just want to hug your mom 24/7?

Just a big tight hug that will keep her warm forever?

Well that's not really possible unless getting looked at weirdly is a hobby of yours.

But we just might have found the a good consolation.


This week's "picks" are the quilts that we have at Perch Interior Furnishing.

What better way to say "I love you mom" than to keep her warm at night?

There are a variety of quilts available in the Perch showroom. These quilts are handmade and are definitely of a great quality!

Here are a couple of the framed quilts.

"Lake in the Woods"
Php 8,000.00

"Flowers in a Vase"
Php 8,000.00
(Not too sure about the titles! LOL)

"Mother and Child"
Php 8,000.00
(Super perfect for mothers' day!)

"A Day in the Beach"
Php 8,000.00
(I just straight-up invented that title. LOL)

Php 8,000.00
(I think. Haha)

Aside from the framed quilts, there are also quilts which you can use as a blanket and it comes with a free pillow case!

Modern Red Squares
Php 8,000.00
(This does not have a title to it.)

Art Deco Quilt
Php 8,000.00
(My personal favorite!)

If you're the type of person who emjoys snuggling up on the couch while watching TV, then the following quilts are more up your alley. Perch Interior Furnishing offers a variety of Lap Quilts which can also be hung on the wall as a wall decor!

"Springtime Sunshine"
Php 3,000.00

"Grandma's Garden"
(Not sure about the price on this one but it comes with a free throw pillow!)

"Flowers in the Forest"
(Not sure about the price on this one either!)

"Spring Bloom"
Php 1,500.00

If you're looking for something smaller and more budget-friendly, they also have a bunch of quilted throw pillows which they sell for only Php 500.00 each!!

We have so many more quilt designs and other furniture an home furnishing pieces in our showroom so feel free to drop by and pay us a visit!


Perch Interior Furnishing
Instagram: perchfurnishing

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