Sunday, 11 May 2014

10 Things to Keep in Your Night Table

The night table, or bedside table, is one of the most critical places in your bedroom. It provides easy access to important things while you're laying on your bed.

Here are a couple of my recommendations of what you should keep on and in your night table.

1. Lamp
Perch Interior Furnishing, Php 1,200.00
This is definitely a must! Choose a lamp with white light if you like reading in bed and warm white or even yellow if you're more for the ambiance.

2. Pen and Paper

Remember the last time when you were already snuggled up and comfortable in bed when you suddenly remember something you have to do tomorrow that you're afraid you might forget? We know that feeling all too well.

3. Water

Who would want to walk to the kitchen in the middle of the night, (dark, dark night) to get a glass of water?

4. Phone Charger
CDr-King, Php 150.00 (I think!)
There is nothing worse than being late for school/work because the alarm on your phone didn't go off because you forgot to charge it.

5. Vapor Rub/Menthol Rub
Wastons, forgot how much
If you have a headache, insect bite, colds or stomach ache, this will be your best bud especially if these ailments are bothering you just before you get to sleep.

6. Medicine
I really don't have medicine for anything so this is what my version of "medicine" looks like. :)
When you wake up with a headache, the last thing you'd want to do is leave your bed to look for some medicine to ease your pounding head.
(That rhymes!)

7. A Small Decorative Dish
Dish from Daiso, Php 44.00
Necklace (for sale), Php 100.00
If you have certain jewelry pieces that you take off before you sleep (earrings, watch, a ring, etc.) it would be nice to have somewhere to put it so it won't get lost! Find a decorative dish so it won't look out of place when it's empty during the day.

8. Flashlight

This is probably something that you'll keep in the bottom drawer of your night table. It will be extremely handy when you wake up and the power's out.

9. Hand Sanitizer

Because you really should have these everywhere in your house.

10. Sleeping Paraphernalia

This would include an eye mask, ear plugs and maybe hair ties for girls, or in my case, my stuffed owl, Buddy.

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